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How to Finance your Higher Education if you have got no Money to Pay

November 26,2014 by: Dallas Browne

One question that troubles every high school graduate is that how am I going to finance my higher education? This question demands serious attention, because for financing higher education, one should have a bag full of money and proper financial counseling. However, what if you are among those who do not have sufficient money to pay their financial expenses? Well, in that case, read below to get the assistance you require.
The first and the foremost thing to do, is to consult your college’s financial department, which will surely guide you with some effective tips, about how you to continue your education. But, obviously advisors do not really pay your tuition fee so you should consider some practical options too, to finance your dreams.


This option is beneficial for each and every student, who is struggling to pay their college expenses. There are different Government loan programs that help student in fulfilling their financial needs.

Government loans for students usually have two schemes. First, you can get the loan all at once, to fulfill your educational need. Secondly, you can receive it in the form of installments for each semester. The best thing about government loans is that they can be repaid during or after the completion of the degree, which means you are not bound to repay till you get a good job, with a handsome pay.


If you are not eligible for a government loan then there is nothing to be disappointed about, as private loans are available too. Banks are the first option that people usually think of, to get an appropriate loan that can be repaid once you are done with your degree. But, before sanctioning a loan, banks closely examine your credit history. So better keep your history clean.


Educational grants are loaded with so many perks that they are certainly the best way to finance your higher education. Amongst these benefits, the one on the top is that you do not need to repay the money you were granted. It is like a reward for your extraordinary performance in your secular life.

But, since most of the students have got their eyes on such grants, there is a very tough criterion to qualify for a need-based educational grant. However, if you are confident enough about your inner potential then you must apply for it.


Working on a part time basis is a way open to all, to finance their educational expenses. Though it demands a little more effort, but you do not have to pay anything once you are done with your college- as you are not taking any loans or funds that must be paid back. The US government provides 60% more wages to employed students hence, this option works best!

You can work both on campus and off campus, as per your feasibility. Although, on-campus jobs usually pay you less than off campus ones, but their working hours can easily be managed with studies.

The above mention ways are quite helpful, if you are looking for some serious financial counseling. Though it might seem that higher education is too expensive to go for, but it will surely pay you back some day.

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