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Military Aid: Military Spouse Tuition Assistance Program

December 29,2012 by: Dallas Browne

The military aid financial program provides tuition assistance to the spouses of eligible military personnel in the United States. The maximum aid that can be utilised is around $6000. They can use this financial aid for different purposes like higher education, certification courses, licenses, degrees and even training programs. But, this is limited to education in “portable career fields”. This means that the spouse’s education should provide a career which is easily portable to a location where the military personnel is or probably will be stationed in the future. Further, when there is a transfer they should be able to relocate immediately.

This military aid programme has been termed as Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program. The career choices include (but not limited to) in the fields of education, health services, hospitality industry, human resources, taxing, accounting and so on. They can utilise this amount to get degree programs, CPA, bar exams, credentialing fees, state certifications, medical professional courses, et cetera. One should note that, $ 6000 is the lifetime payment, once availed; they will not be eligible for more financial aid again. The payment is usually made to electronic clearing system directly to the school.

Eligibility Criteria:

Spouses of all members who are on active duty in the Department of Defence are eligible under this program. The spouses of National Guard and Reserve Components are eligible. Apart from this, even spouses of military personnel who were killed in action, disabled, wounded or severely injured are also eligible


If the spouses themselves also employed with the Department of Defence or an active member in the Guard or Reserve they are not eligible. Spouses who have been divorced are also not eligible. Aid cannot be realised for payment against membership fee, application fee, and purchase of computers, parking charges, transportation charges, child care and medical services. However, if the cost of supplies (even computers) is included in the fee of the course, the cost can be covered.

Steps to Be Taken to Access MyCAA:

The spouse should set up a profile with MyCAA and provide the necessary documents like the previous education, current qualification, certifications and resume. Later, they should set up an appointment with Voluntary Education Centre or Family Support Centre to get help to start the application process. They will be able to guide the spouse through the process, verify the ranking to provide eligibility amount and various education options. Based on their eligibility criteria, the spouse can enrol for higher education.

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