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Military Aid – The Good and the Bad

October 12,2013 by: Dallas Browne

In common terms Military Aid is the kind of help that is provided to an ally for improved military infrastructure for defensive reasons. This can also be used for the purpose of assisting a poor and weak country for maintaining control of its own territory. A country can also get military aid during a counter-insurgency effort or at certain times rebel groups fighting another country for independence are also eligible for receiving these aids.

For many different reasons military aid has always remained a controversial subject. Apart from providing direct help with military personals and weapons, military aid to a country or a particular rebel group can also be provided as financial credits for purchasing weapons and other military equipments from the donor country itself. Apart from this, military aid can also be provided in a number of different forms like providing advanced training to soldiers or make more advanced weapons available for the army of the country that is receiving the end.

Under the present global political scenario, strengthening military relationship between countries has become more important than ever for fighting against organized terrorism, internal insurgencies and also for fighting against drug wars. Arguably military aid is an effective way of achieving this particular goal. Moreover when it is two democratic countries involved in the process a better military relationship also contribute to strengthening the political relationship between the two countries and having the military backing up the democratic policies is a sign of stable and prosperous democracy.

But what makes military aid more controversial is that sometimes it is provided to rebel groups fighting a civil war. This can be acceptable only under a situation when there is an actual need of revolution against the ruling authority. But it is only unfortunate that political agendas often play a determining role behind the allocation of military aid to a particular country or a rebel group fighting against its own nation. Politically motivated military aids are always the most controversial and many of them, on a long run has proved to be disastrous for both the involved nations. When offered to the wrong side military aid can easily create a situation that go beyond control and there is certainly no denying the fact that some of the most dreaded terrorist outfits in the world are actually off springs of military aid put into the wrong hands. All the powerful nations need to have stricter and globally beneficial policies for allocation of military aids and the UN is also expected to play a responsible role regarding this.

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