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Some Points You Need To Note about Military Aid

September 28,2014 by: Dallas Browne

In order to help some poor countries or people in efforts to maintain control over the boundaries, there is inception of Military Aid. Due to the problem of counter insurgency in most parts of the world today, most countries always run to United Nation for this Aid. More so, apart from offering this Aid to the poor countries to maintain control over the counter insurgency or for defense, it is also being given to some rebellions to fight another country. Obviously, there are different ways by which these aids are being rendered and it depends on the request of the country that needs the help.

Some Common Methods of Rendering Military Aid

In order to ensure that the country receiving this aid really utilizes the help to fight against the security challengers either within her boundaries or to the rebellious country, the country that wants to offer this help must know the area the country they want to help. But the two major ways of leveraging this help are through money for the country to purchase more sophisticated weapons and also through equipment from the donor country. Indeed, most countries in Africa have leveraged this aid in one way or another.

Some Controversies Associated With Military Aid

Obviously, the topic of Military Aid is known as a controversial one as most countries believed that it will help to unit different countries in the world while others argue that it can result to war. This is because the aid is often given to the opposition country to fight against another country. For that reason, the democratically ruled countries are the ones that normally leverage this aid when they want to fight against another country with dictatorial rule.

The Main Reason Why Military Aid Was Instituted

The main reason why this Aid was instituted was to help strengthen military relation between countries of the world which in turn was believed to build greater bond between the countries. For that reason the aids are normally given in form of training of the solders of the country that needs the aid. There has been increase in the demand for military help from most parts of the world due to terrorism and insurgency in most countries of the world today, the clear example being the fight between Iraq and Afghanistan. For that reason, United States have already invested lots of money in training both the solders form Iraq and Afghanistan.

What You Must Know About the Largest Contributor to Military Aid

Presently, United Statesare known to be the highest contributor to Military Aid to different parts of the world. In fact, US have about 150 countries of the world that is receiving military aid from them. Also, United Statesare among the countries of the world that never needed help in their military. But, the countries that normally enjoy these services are always democratically ruled countries. So, if your country is having security problem or finding it difficult to maintain control over insurgency within its boundaries you can easily enjoy this aid from the United States.

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