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Taking advantage of the military tuition assistance

June 22,2012 by: Dallas Browne

About the military tuition assistance

Have you heard about the military tuition assistance program? If you are in the Coast Guard Reserve, the Army Reserve or the Air Force Reserve, you can take advantage of this program in order to go back to school and continue your studies. You get the chance to benefit from your national service, as you will receive financial help through the military tuition assistance program. Through the program, you will receive money for the complete payment of your college fees or money for part of the college fees, according to how many credits you’re taking and, of course, according to their price.

How to take advantage of the military aid

There are a few steps that you have to cover in order to take advantage of the military aid. The first thing you have to do is to get a copy of the courses that you want to follow throughout the coming semester. The Tuition Assistance form must be filled out with at least two weeks before the semester begins. Once you have this material, all you need is a computer that has internet access. The tuition assistance program has been perfectly automated, so everything runs perfectly and it is very simple to use. Once you are in front of the computer that has internet access, all you have to do is to log in to the AKO account you have. Next, access the My Education Tab. There is a form that you have to fill out, the DA 2171-E form.

If you are afraid that filling it out on the internet might involve typing mistakes, then print it and fill it in by hand. Make sure that every detail you offer is correct, especially the number of credits you will be taking and their price. Sign the form and don’t forget to write down your telephone number. Last but not least, submit the form to the unit’s supervisor. The unit’s supervisor will be the person who will take care of your form from now on. The supervisor will take the form to the commander, as he must sign it before the form is being returned to you. Once you have it back, submit it to the unit’s education office. The amount of money you will be offered will be directed to your account after the form is processed.

Important details

The education office must know everything about your grades, so calling the office at the end of the semester is absolutely necessary. You will only receive the Tuition assistance for the classes in which you get at least B. Any C class will have to be paid with your own money. Those who are afraid of taking advantage of the tuition assistance because they think that by doing this they will lose the other military benefits are wrong. The military aid is just one more military benefit you are being given thanks to the fact that you are ready to serve your nation whenever it is in need.

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