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What can we offer in a form of military aid?

August 23,2014 by: Dallas Browne

How often do people think about war veterans or recruits in service of their country around the globe? Those people are our neighbors, our friends and to some of us our family. How often do we treat them as such? Although there are government run programs designed to help those people with having comfortable lives after their service ends, it’s not that uncommon to find them on margins of our society, abandoned with no money and nowhere to turn for help.

While the government provides a lot in forms of financial military aid through loans (or grants) to be used for educational purposes of former and active military servicemen, there are also nonprofit organizations throughout the country which can provide both financial and non-financial support to those in need. There are web sites such as that are designed to serve as portals for those in need, as well as for those who wish to help or donate.
As far as military aid is concerned, government has its own set of rules and regulations but not all military personnel can apply since they often don’t fit into their set of guidelines. Nonprofit organizations, on the other hand, have a different set of rules and will allow grants, loans or combination of the two to almost anyone with the military service record. There are of course limits on what this money can be used on, while it will cover educational, health care, house or car repair costs, it can’t be used to pay for fines or legal fees.

Most people consider money to be the only way in which they can contribute, but the truth is, not all us are in position to help like this. There are other ways in which we can support former military men and women. More things can be done and considered as military aid which have nothing to do with the money. There are those among us who cannot have children of their own but they certainly could adopt the military family or a child who lost parents. There are also those of us who can’t make monetary donations, but we certainly could donate a few meals each week. We all have old books which we don’t need or don’t want, and this can also be donation to help others. Our old clothes that are considered unnecessary could also be a form of donation. You can even donate your old car.

Besides financial aid, nonprofit organizations can also provide financial consulting; free books on financial guidance and financial assistance, some websites do offer income tax preparation for free. There are also websites and online stores offering military discounts and other ways to save money.

Those are only a few things mentioned at operation, but there is more that can be done and can be considered a form of military aid – business owners may offer positions to former military members, schools and local organizations can hold free classes etc. Those men and women served their country and gave all they had – shouldn’t we give something back and help anyway we can?

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