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City Commissions Murals To Fight Graffiti

September 14,2010 by: admin

San Francisco has finally found a new way to get rid of graffiti vandals in a very creative way. Pave way for the StreetSmARTS, the city’s new program that would call the street artists to paint the walls of some buildings. The city entrusts respected San Francisco street artists to create major murals – paintings done on walls – for owners of private properties victimized with graffiti. The program coordinators state that the credibility of the artists applied in the community of street-art will act as a restraint against the graffitists. The higher the status of artist, the lesser the … (more) September 14, 2010

Precious Art Works under the Hammer

September 13,2010 by: admin

On September 29 Lehman Brothers’ precious art collections are to be auctioned in South Kensington. The Price Water House Coopers (PWC) assigned Christie’s to hold the said auction of precious porcelain, sketches and paintings that are housed at Canary Wharf where the Lehman Brothers’ European headquarter is located. As we can remember, the Lehman Brothers has received the hardest blow from the financial crisis rippled by the fall of the Wall Street titan. Being the biggest victim of the said economic turmoil the administration of Lehman Brothers are now resorting to auction of the company’s most famous art collections to … (more) September 13, 2010

Developers from Massachusetts Works On Three Old Buildings In Utica

September 12,2010 by: admin

Massachusetts developers purchased buildings in Utica and plan to make a portfolio out of it. Richard DeRosas and Kenneth Rockett bought a rundown Broad Street warehouse, an empty downtown commercial building and also a mansion that was fire-damaged with its copper stripped off. The two developers and their team are going to use their resources and a spoonful of federal money to fix the structures and provide a life for each. Rockett said that it was a large investment and that he can’t turn his back on it. He assures that he has the ability to get the projects online … (more) September 12, 2010

Advertising Affects Children’s Perception about Food

August 16,2010 by: admin

Researchers from Yale University released a study which confirmed that children prefer to eat food from packages with cartoons on it than food with plain packaging. Forty children from New Haven, Connecticut were asked to test taste gummy fruit snacks, baby carrots and graham crackers. They were told to take one bite from a plain packaged food and another bite from a cartoon packaged food. The packages had the same brand of snack and the children insisted that the food from cartoons were tastier. The children were aged 4 to 6, most of them could name the characters in the … (more) August 16, 2010

Two Established Filmmakers Gave Advices To Film Apprentices

July 22,2010 by: admin

Film students were given the opportunity to take a peek on what it takes to be successful filmmakers by watching the pros discuss it, not just behind the lens, but right before their eyes. The Veteran Two established filmmakers graced separate interviews organized by the AllArtSchool Program and gave words of wisdom to young and enthusiastic film students. Iconoclastic German director Werner Herzog shared his thoughts on his recently concluded stint at the Rogue film School in Los Angeles. The Rogue is known for its revolutionizing approach to teaching film studies. As the school acknowledges, its manner of teaching is … (more) July 22, 2010