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Demand Grows in the Arts and Design Careers

June 28,2010 by: admin

Around 60% total of the arts and design career individuals are self-employed and they perform different tasks related to their field at their own time and management. Others are employed in schools, museums, newspaper and magazine companies, advertising firms and movie studios. According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics or BLS, employment of artists and related workers is expected to increase at an average of 16% by the year 2016. Since the demand of arts and design careers are getting high, individuals are also encouraged to explore on this field and be able to develop their skills and talents. A variety of careers can be chosen in arts and design and each person with distinct artistic sense can focus on one specific field.

Arts and design fall under four categories and these are Art director, Craft artists, Multimedia artists and Fine artists. Each of these can be subdivided again into different works. Among the four categories, one that is very common in today’s modern age is Multimedia artists. This is focused on film-making, advertising, news and public information and video productions. Thus, it is also in this industry where people can make good money. Animated films for example are very much appreciated by public viewers of all ages, hence, the more viewers to these films, the bigger the sales that can be generated. For some reason, animated films are not that easy to produce because workers under this field have to obtain further studies in order to improve on their craft and be able to produce more quality and high-end visualization as compared to previous ones.

Now that the arts and design careers are booming, it would be good to know the Ten Top Choices that can be considered for study. These are: Advertising Art, Graphic Art, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Illustration, Web Design, Video Game Design, Special Effects, Animation and Cartooning and Architecture. All these careers vary to a certain degree but artistically-minded individual will truly excel in their desired field. 

Arts and design is a career that can be very interesting. Although not all individuals are gifted with art skills, these can still be learned and developed with the right kind of education. Every person has some sort of a hidden skill which can still be discovered such that of acting, writing, painting, sculpting, publishing and others. 

Working freelance is also one way to keep yourself stick to your interest and be able to earn well. Many individuals who are self-employed are able to produce products that are being appreciated by public consumers. Hand-made crafts can be exhibited and be sold instantly. Thus, individuals, businessmen and entrepreneurs can grow by themselves because these products can be showcased not only locally but also internationally.

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