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Developers from Massachusetts Works On Three Old Buildings In Utica

September 12,2010 by: admin

Massachusetts developers purchased buildings in Utica and plan to make a portfolio out of it.

Richard DeRosas and Kenneth Rockett bought a rundown Broad Street warehouse, an empty downtown commercial building and also a mansion that was fire-damaged with its copper stripped off. The two developers and their team are going to use their resources and a spoonful of federal money to fix the structures and provide a life for each.

Rockett said that it was a large investment and that he can’t turn his back on it. He assures that he has the ability to get the projects online and complete them.

The appearance of the developers makes it rare for people in Utica. With out of towners searching to expand the local footprint is something out of ordinary. Despite this, the result of the project is foreseeable. Rockett said that with the three costly and time-consuming projects, they may be increasing their exposure for the locals.

In the meantime, the team’s reception of the city’s historical and affordability combination symbolizes the fulfillment of the long expectations for local officials.

David Roefaro, the Utica Mayor, referred to Rockett as someone who looks at the “promise and future” for Utica. Also he believes in the projects the same way the locals do. He also said that Rockett senses that the economy will be better and that there is going to be a rebirth.

One of the buildings is currently undergoing developments – the building located in 807 Broad Street. A recycling redemption center has been placed in one storefront, and a performing arts facility, known as Urban Headquarters, is being set up and is due to open its doors this week. Also, a café,called the HQ Brew, is providing free Internet and WiFi.

The Urban Headquarters will be dedicated to art, music and film. This and the café will be headed by a Brooklyn native and producer, Ruben Maldonado. Maldonado has a vision for the Urban Headquarters and that is for it to become where people can visit and buff up their skills before “going out there”.

The headquarters will have open mike nights, flat-screen televisions viewing and music demos over speakers. It would also include different galleries and shows for all artists and also for clothing designers.

Rockett and DeRosas saw the building in 807 Broad St., in the internet which was put up for sale for only $60,000. They bought the structure in March of 2008. They went around and saw a Victorian mansion which was built in 1863 and with an addition done in 1912. It was said to have been occupied by the Knight of Columbus for 100 years but was sold after a fire damaged the rear portion of the building in 2006. They only paid $5,000 for it. The third building was purchased in October of 2009 including the smaller building which was adjacent to it.

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