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How the Youth’s Career Choice have Gone a Long Way

April 13,2010 by: admin

Careers in art and design continue to be some of the most well sought after fields by a large number of the population. Young people continue to dream and aspire to be well known, whatever field in the arts and design it may be.

Back in the days, however, everyone wanted to be a model, an artist, or a pop sensation. Interviews with top network executives, magazine editors-in-chief, and even artists from ten to fifteen years ago almost always include how they occasionally get bombarded with questions from teenagers of how they can be the next supermodel, movie star, or even comic book artist. As these careers may also be extremely promising and ensure substantial monetary compensation, it is also a fact that not every one of these aspiring kids can grace the covers of their favorite teen mag or endorse the beauty product they love.

This isn’t the case today, however. Kids are not all about being the next Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie, or Taylor Swift anymore. What kids want today is to be the next Tim Gunn, Marc Jacobs, Annie Leibovitz, or Miranda Priestly – they want to be in the glamorous art and fashion industry through their craft and not only because of their pretty faces.

Well known figures in the field, like Amy Astley, the editor of Teen Vogue, attributes this new trend of career choice to the fact that popular culture is now shedding light to other aspects of the art and fashion world. By producing shows where the younger crowd can get to know top individuals in the field like Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Vera Wang, Rachel Zoe, and Nina Garcia to name a few, teenagers and young kids get a wider grasp of what goes on in the art and fashion design world, allowing them to have more options into what career they would want to pursue when they grow up.

Add to this the fact that courses on design and arts have also become more accessible with more universities and colleges offering them and there’s no stopping these kids from hoping to be the next top fashion designer to watch their works modeled in the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week or to grace the pages of Elle and Vogue; or to be the very person responsible for the shots included in these top fashion magazines; or even to be the one in charge of the most happening fashion magazine of the time being.  Indeed, popular culture, along with design and art career choices has come a long way.

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