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Increasing Art Degrees being Pursued Online

July 03,2010 by: admin

Pursuing an art or design degree is often not the choice of a lot of students. According to a certain degree, there are only very few jobs offered to such individuals that are able to attain this particular degree. Consequently, this deduction has proved to be wrong because of the prevalent need for graphic or art designers in eminent companies like Mac, Graphic Arts Employment Specialists, and Aquent.

The internet has created ways in order to amplify the need of these companies through providing graduates from online schools.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 66% or 2772 out of 4200 schools offer distance education all throughout the World Wide Web. In 2006-2007, 11,200 individuals completed their college degree online; 66 percent were tallied as a completed degree program whereas 33 percent were tallied as certificate program. All these are done through a web-based server through video conferencing. Without a doubt, art classes are offered accordingly by these schools online.

Top Online programs that offer this design and art degrees are the following in no particular order: University of Phoenix, American Intercontinental University, Kaplan University, The Art Institute at Pittsburgh, Ashford University, DeVry University, International Academy of Design and Technology, and WestWood College. All these have been assessed as the top performing schools that can offer quality art and design degrees online.

Through these universities, students are taught to develop their skills in drawing, graphic designing, web development, and more. According to the, there are at least 1,802,330,457 world internet users. As such, these growing numbers imply a number of needs especially when it comes to web page designers and graphic specialists. In order to fulfill this work force, students are encouraged to pursue online degrees which provide lesser expenses and more flexi-time.

Several careers await individuals who pursue art and design courses. Many of these fall under the category of Advertising, Architecture, Fashion, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Photography, Teaching, Fine Arts, and Theatre. The misconception of unemployment when it comes to pursuing art or design careers has definitely been debunked by the endless opportunities that await these degree-seekers. Pursuing art careers are within the breach of many students because of the vast extent of the internet. Thus, all these degrees can be accessed through art schools that offer quality education online.

Interested individuals that wish to take up art or design careers in the future can also resolve to financial scholarships or grants that can assist future artists and designers. From the College Arts Association, there are application processes ready for those that wish to grab the opportunity to receive 5,000 dollars of financial grant and earn an MFA degree for the whole calendar year of 2011.

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