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Popular Arts and Design Career Choices now in Demand

July 02,2010 by: admin

A career in arts and design does not necessarily have to be limited to paintings, sculptures, and craftwork alone. Today’s technological advancement in media and communication ensures plenty of job opportunities for arts and design graduates to apply their talents in other areas of the industry.

Here are some of the most popular jobs related to arts and design that are in demand today that you could make your career in:

Graphic Designer

Advertising firms, media outlets, and corporations look for people who have the skills and creativity to make graphic designs that would attract customers and clients. If you are into experimenting with colors and shapes, as well as have the creativity to make them into artistic visual layouts, then this might be the job for you.

As a graphic designer, you could either work on a set schedule or go freelance. Either way, your work involves you to express ideas through visual form using computer graphics software, photography, and other similar methods to make your work.


This decade’s growing number of movies featuring 3D animation and graphics is a testament to the industry’s need for animators. Animation is one of the most popular and fastest-growing career fields in the arts and design industry, and there are various career options open to you if you take a specialization in it. Various media outlets and animation studios look for talented animators that are creative in their work to be used for their projects.

As an animator, you primarily use computer graphics software to make your work. And you also have to choose a specialty in animation, so you know which platform you could apply your talents at such as video game design or television production.

Interior Designer

This job lets you try out your skills in talents in fixing up the interior of buildings and houses to make them look better. As an interior designer, you work alongside with architects, contractors, and your clients to brighten up living space and improve the decor. And you also have to be familiar with building materials and decorating products to get the job done, as well as take into account so many details such as the client’s preferences and budget to make the right kind of design.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is one of the most exciting career choices in the industry, and could be the ideal job option for you if you have creativity and originality in designing unique styles. You would fid work in fashion management, fashion marketing, brand promotion, clothes and accessory design, and many others. You would also be able to interact with celebrities and other famous people during your work.

The arts and design industry offers a lot of career options for people who have the creativity, originality, and drive to express their imagination. The industry maybe competitive, but it is also rewarding to see your work admired and be seen by a large audience.

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