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Two Established Filmmakers Gave Advices To Film Apprentices

July 22,2010 by: admin

Film students were given the opportunity to take a peek on what it takes to be successful filmmakers by watching the pros discuss it, not just behind the lens, but right before their eyes.

The Veteran

Two established filmmakers graced separate interviews organized by the AllArtSchool Program and gave words of wisdom to young and enthusiastic film students. Iconoclastic German director Werner Herzog shared his thoughts on his recently concluded stint at the Rogue film School in Los Angeles. The Rogue is known for its revolutionizing approach to teaching film studies. As the school acknowledges, its manner of teaching is about “about the way of life” and the pleasure and excitement that accompany it. Herzog’s seminar was held in three days which went through from January 8-10, 2010.

According to Herzog, instead of emphasizing the technicalities of filmmaking, he rather focused on the heart of creating a masterpiece. “I explored the why and how of reaching an audience and telling a story,” he stressed. Scholarly recognition and Holywood prestige also do not attract him more than the everyday mundane life experiences he encounters in the process of creating a film. For him, these experiences should be infused together to drive an aspiring filmmaker to quest for depth of character and boldness that make a good film.

With over fifty films under his name, Herzog has all it takes to be a credible teacher for film apprentices. Although known for his revolutionizing documentaries and experimental susceptibility, he also carries the distinction of never having to go over beyond the film budget or going behind the schedule. He also said that among his task to students was to suggest them good pieces of literature like Hemingway’s “The Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber.” He said that it had been a pleasure to meet brave and aspiring filmmakers of today’s generation.

Meanwhile, a younger film maker also gave away some words of wisdom to film students during his separate interview by the AllartSchool in his home-editing studio in California.

The Young

Randy Walker, director of feature-length film Apart From That and a graduate of Master’s degree in Filmmaking from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, were asked questions about the wisdom one can get after stepping out of the film school.

Initially, walker’s motivation to attend film school was only to learn the tools and technology of the discipline which, in his term, is the “craft” itself. For him, it was the best place to meet people that an aspiring filmmaker could potentially encounter in the real world of cinema.

According to him, film schools should impart to its students the means “to play and experiment on an artistic level.” However, learning is constantly there even after school. Film students must also be caution about other people who claim to be know-it-alls. Finally, he concluded that no matter what a person is, and no matter what he does, if he is clearly motivated, there is always a way he can find to create film.

More Seminars

Upcoming seminars are expected to please young film students as The Rogue plans to extend it to the East Coast in the spring of 2010.

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