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Business Opportunities In The New Economy

June 29,2010 by: admin

Business leaders, educators and other business experts have brought out ideas that would serve as opportunities to uplift the American economy. Several conferences were held during the first half of the current year and all have discussed viable ways on keeping the economy on its toes.

In a conference held last April in NW Washington, Alan Durning, Executive Director of Sightline Institute, discussed that investing in clean and renewable energy would create “green jobs”. “The potential of green jobs is abundant,” Durning says, “Tens of thousands of jobs are possible.” With the recent recession’s impact to the current economy situation, leaders are getting their hands on viable options to create jobs and help businesses recover from their losses. According to Durning, green energy will be a response to another world problem: the climate change. Parts of the country have started adopting the use of wind, solar and geothermal energy. The change is moving at a very slow pace as observed by economists but the government believes that there would be a time that green energy will be used in millions of homes in America, thus, creating demands for human resource in the future.

Brookings Institution recently released a policy brief regarding the latest conference lead by academic experts, private-sector entrepreneurs, government policymakers and leaders from the Small Business Administration. Stated in the brief was, “The gathering was intended to spur the development of creative solutions in the private and public sectors to foster lasting economic growth.” The lecturers/authors explained that small businesses are powerful job generators and that the future of this small scale sector will greatly affect the economy. The conference has cited recommendations that would foster economic growth by creating policies that would be both healthy to the business and to the workforce. The brief also specified the factors that hinder economic growth and several policies that the government should consider to support small businesses and foster the economic growth.

Actions have been implemented across the country. While conferences and discussions are taking place, numerous country leaders have started their own unemployment recover. New Jersey is hiring business professionals at a record pace. After losing 5000 jobs in March, New Jersey recovered its workforce by adding 10,500 jobs. The internet is also proven tool to keep up with unemployment, Kevin Stecko founded 80sTees, an online retailer that sells t-shirts with themes from the 1980’s. eMarketer reports that e-commerce sales totaled $132 billion in 2009 and it is expected to increase in the next year and a half.

Studies were conducted and positive conclusions have been reached. The National Association for Business Economics reported that most American companies will be hiring more employees in 2010. Studies further state that laying-off will be minimized since the economy is starting to recover. Another survey conducted by Harris Online reveals that most of the workers laid-off in the last six months were rehired or have found new jobs. More than a half of the jobseekers are willing to work again for their previous employers.

With American citizens rethinking and acting for their future, other countries would be surely expecting a revival of the American economy.

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