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What’s Hot in the Business Milieu

August 28,2010 by: admin

Having an active target group in a business milieu is one important consideration that has to be taken into account especially by those who wanted to have a business career on the go. Studies would suggest that the best target audience the drama of business has to aim is the senior citizen group. Statistics projected that in 20 years 20% of the United States population would be composed of senior citizens. Adding to this fact the projected spending capability of the said population that is expected to exceed $ 1 trillion seniors really could be the best target buyers for services and products.

Having this in mind it is therefore a good investment to start up a business that would cater aging-services and goods. A business career in this kind of lineage can actually set forth an expectation to job stability given the senior citizens’ bulk in the population count plus their spending power.

According to reports provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics elderly and disabled services, home healthcare and community care facilities for elderly which are all belonging to aging-services industry are the three of the top 10 industries with the fastest employment growth. This kind of blooming businesses catering services for retiring boomers has been noticeable especially to entrepreneurs. Thus even as seen in the academic lenses as according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Gerontology will be among the most sought after field of the future.

Another growing trend that could give entrepreneurs an idea of a good business is the one founded in the ideology of “buying local.” Indeed there is an explosion of demand for products that are locally grown and manufactures. This trend of supporting local products came from the farmer market movements. The growing popularity of business offering local products can be reflected by supermarkets adding “locally” produce sections in their food department for instance. In addition to these there are also several campaigns and programs that support and promote consumers’ buying of locally made and grown produce and other items.

Lastly, another possible consideration for those who wanted to start a business career is the most recent trend of going green; green jobs for the green economy. Pioneered by the Obama administration this idea of going green is also piercing the entrepreneurial world. Although the green collar for the green economy still is being scrutinized by economists and experts inclining a business with this is definitely timely and is very much appealing to people especially for those who genuinely are concern with saving the environment and the world itself.  A green business can be worth a try.

These are just some of the business lines that can be ventured by those people who wanted to have a business career today.

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