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The 6 jobs that a criminal justice degree can fetch you

February 04,2011 by: admin

When one is equipped with a criminal justice degree there are plenty of jobs openings that one can find.  Criminal justice is a very fast-growing field and has a wide scope.  The only limitations for students who wish to enter this field are their personal history, personality, and their willingness to equip themselves with a degree in criminal justice.  The jobs in this field are full and plenty and there is a wide range of opportunities to avail jobs at different educational levels.  For instance high-school grads can get into the police department as support staff (file clerks) to the … (more) February 4, 2011

New Campaign for Homeland Security Now In Washington

September 18,2010 by: admin

Secretary Janet Napolitano released a string of initiatives to help state and local law enforcement as well as community groups all over the country in determining and reducing threats to their safety. She also improved DHS If You See Something, Say Something operation to the Washington, D.C., area along with National Night Out, a yearly anticrime campaign celebrated by citizens, police and neighborhood communities. Secretary Napolitano states that homeland security starts with their efforts to face threats in the communities is most helpful with the presence of the law enforcers and the strong bond between the law enforcers and the … (more) September 18, 2010

Robbers are now getting to be more creative

September 17,2010 by: admin

The creativity of human kind could not be questioned. Indeed this is manifested even when committing a crime such as robbery. A crime can be considered as robbery if there is the presence of the two qualifying elements; first, there should be a theft from someone and second is the accomplishment of the first element by force or fear. People committing robbery are not choosing any particular place or time although research would suggest some patterns; in general, robbery can occur anytime at any place. According to research 44.5% of robberies are happening on the streets and this is the … (more) September 17, 2010

Cases of Cops Arrested Pushed Commissioner to Make Plans

September 16,2010 by: admin

In Philadelphia, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announces a plan to take out corrupt police officers. His plan will not be implemented immediately and at the beginning of this week, he refused to reveal the details, but he said that it aims to prevent further headaches, taking the case last month. It was the case when Robert Snyder, James Venziale and Mark Williams – all police officers – were caught and charged for taking away heroin from a drug dealer. Ramsey said that he wants to produce a strategy to make people remain on a straight and a narrow path. For … (more) September 16, 2010

Law Enforcement Is Not An Easy Job

August 18,2010 by: admin

A Chandler Cop’s death: Officer Carlos Ledesma died as a result of an undercover drug operation involving marijuana at South Phoenix on July 28th, Wednesday night. A gun battle occurred, leading to two suspect’s deaths, one officer death and two wounded officers. The officers all came from Chandler Police Department. According to the Phoenix police, the two suspects who were killed are Markiese Royalty and Roger Tatum, aged 26 and 32 respectively. Two officers were shot but survived. Phoenix police added that the officers were staging a sale of $250,000 worth of marijuana in home in the Waldonado Road 2300 … (more) August 18, 2010