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New Campaign for Homeland Security Now In Washington

September 18,2010 by: admin

Secretary Janet Napolitano released a string of initiatives to help state and local law enforcement as well as community groups all over the country in determining and reducing threats to their safety. She also improved DHS If You See Something, Say Something operation to the Washington, D.C., area along with National Night Out, a yearly anticrime campaign celebrated by citizens, police and neighborhood communities.

Secretary Napolitano states that homeland security starts with their efforts to face threats in the communities is most helpful with the presence of the law enforcers and the strong bond between the law enforcers and the communities and residents they look after.

The new preventive measures, announced August 3, are from the suggestions made by the “Countering Violent Extremism” working group of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). The group comprised of chiefs, community leaders, sheriffs and homeland security professionals who made recommendations on how DHS can sustain community-based efforts better to fight aggressive extremism in America.

It is an easy and effective program to make the public more aware of the symptoms of terrorism and crimes and other intimidation as well as to stress on the necessity of reporting cautious activity to the appropriate law enforcement officers.

Following the event, which signifies the third main expansion of the “If You See Something, Say Something” program, the DHS will carry on further expanding the campaign by distributing public education materials, launching advertisements and other outreach utilities to invite travelers, businesses, organizations and the public and private sector employees to become cautious and be active for the country’s safety.

The recommendations state that the DHS will continue to work with the Department of Justice to balance grant programs to aid with the training and technical support for the state and local law enforcement, while integrating community-oriented policing theories into the broader awareness efforts. The recommendation also state that in order to upgrade information sharing with law enforcement partners, the DHS will produce a string of unclassified case studies investigating recent incidents concerning violent crime and terrorism to teach and inform state and local law enforcers and communities about the usual behaviors and indicators showed by suspects. The DHS will produce intelligence products to better notify the state and local enforcement personnel about threats being faced by the homeland and their communities.

Other recommendations outlined the actions to be done to enhance and share best observations with local enforcement partners which include regional summits and publishing guidance and recommendations for state and local enforcement agencies. And finally, to collaborate with law enforcement partners at all levels, DHS will develop cultural outreach and engagement actions to help the DHS employees and the enforcement partners better understand, determine and reduce threats.

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