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Pop Culture and its Effect on the Popularity of Criminal Justice Careers

April 18,2010 by: admin

It is undeniable the power and influence popular culture has upon everyone. Its short attention span ushered in fads and changed trends on a whim.

Luckily for criminal justice careers, popular culture has helped pave the way for driving more interest in their field. With the new wave of fame the field of expertise has been receiving with the help of the numerous hit TV shows related to law and criminal areas, there’s really no stopping the increasing numbers of young adults pursuing careers in the said profession.

Nicknamed by some experts as the “CSI Effect”, this is really quite a phenomenon wherein young adults prefer to venture into any of the fields related with criminal justice and law, such as forensics, among many others. With shows like this repackaging the old notion that a career in the criminal justice field is quite dull and drone, statistics show that schools that offer courses geared towards the field are seeing quite a substantial increase in their enrollment rates, meaning that these TV programs do attract potential students and experts by raising awareness in the said industry.

Unfortunately, what most students do not now is that these shows may have imposed an unrealistic expectation in the field. By making the professions look more glamorous with the cutting edge technologies they use in their episodes, some students may feel disappointed to know that not all laboratories or headquarters are equipped with such materials due to budget restraints.

On the other hand, however, most experts and even directors of universities which offer specializations in the industry say that there is a lot to taking up a degree in criminal justice. Having a diploma in the field can open up a wide number of career choices that range from crime prevention, forensics, and corrections to name a few.

The legal fields are also benefitting from the popularity of such crime and investigation shows, according to experts. With pop culture’s help, more attention is being given to the importance of some knowledge in forensics, even by legal professionals such as lawyers, paralegals, and judges, in order to be more successful, competent, and well rounded in the said field.

TV series may still be products of popular culture and works of fiction, but no one can deny that it has real impact on the criminal justice field and the choices of young folks in which career to pursue.

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