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The 6 jobs that a criminal justice degree can fetch you

February 04,2011 by: admin

When one is equipped with a criminal justice degree there are plenty of jobs openings that one can find.  Criminal justice is a very fast-growing field and has a wide scope.  The only limitations for students who wish to enter this field are their personal history, personality, and their willingness to equip themselves with a degree in criminal justice.  The jobs in this field are full and plenty and there is a wide range of opportunities to avail jobs at different educational levels.  For instance high-school grads can get into the police department as support staff (file clerks) to the ones who have doctorates can get the higher posts.  Those who are equipped with a degree will naturally get a better salary and better benefits.  Hence students who are more ambitious or career-minded can always work up the ladder by equipping themselves with the necessary degrees to the best of their financial capabilities.

The list is endless and so are the opportunities when one is equipped with a degree in criminal justice.  Some of them are:

Private detectives – Some of them might start a business of their own as soon as they are out of high school.  However, these days, there are many regulations by most states as the industry has regulations where licensing and training is required in order to ensure ethical and legal practice.  Some private companies for example the insurance agencies are all common employers.  However, most others need a bachelor’s degree as well as many years of on-field experience.

Police officer – they are the people who ‘serve and protect’ and are responsible for the safety of the society as a whole.  The lower-ranking members in the police force can begin training immediately after high school but preference would be given to the ones who hold a degree in criminal justice.

Detectives – these people generally have a lot of respect and responsibility from their fraternity as they are the ones who are present at the crime scene to figure out why and how a crime occurred.

Court administrator – these people are responsible for the smooth functioning of the court by managing the activities of the court.

Legal assistant – these people do the legwork of the legal system and work under the lawyers who employ these people.

There are many online degree programs that are available and are not time consuming.  By being equipped with a degree in criminal justice one can find many job opportunities.

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