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Police After The Recession

June 30,2010 by: admin

The Great Recession has been cruel to the workforce. Many businesses and firms have to reduce their human resource to survive. The police sector isn’t an exception to that. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 883,600 police officers and detectives employed in the US in 2008, 79% of which were employed by local government. Furthermore, employment of people in the police force is expected to increase by 10% between 2008 and 2018. This June, Tulsa City has contacted the officers that were laid-off during the recession. There were 53 eligible officers out of 88 that were recalled … (more) June 30, 2010

Business Opportunities In The New Economy

June 29,2010 by: admin

Business leaders, educators and other business experts have brought out ideas that would serve as opportunities to uplift the American economy. Several conferences were held during the first half of the current year and all have discussed viable ways on keeping the economy on its toes. In a conference held last April in NW Washington, Alan Durning, Executive Director of Sightline Institute, discussed that investing in clean and renewable energy would create “green jobs”. “The potential of green jobs is abundant,” Durning says, “Tens of thousands of jobs are possible.” With the recent recession’s impact to the current economy situation, … (more) June 29, 2010

Demand Grows in the Arts and Design Careers

June 28,2010 by: admin

Around 60% total of the arts and design career individuals are self-employed and they perform different tasks related to their field at their own time and management. Others are employed in schools, museums, newspaper and magazine companies, advertising firms and movie studios. According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics or BLS, employment of artists and related workers is expected to increase at an average of 16% by the year 2016. Since the demand of arts and design careers are getting high, individuals are also encouraged to explore on this field and be able to develop their skills and talents. A … (more) June 28, 2010

Schools to drive focus on STEM Education

June 27,2010 by: admin

School officials in Cenla are making efforts to enhance the interest of the students towards STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects which are the integral aspects of most careers. There are a number of initiatives being taken by the officials to help this process. The school systems of Grant, Alles, LaSalle, Catahoula, Avoyelles, Vernon, Winn and Natchitoches have received financial aid, thanks to The Rapides Foundation’s contribution of $1.66 million for the current academic year. The Rapides Parish School District will receive $521,000 from the money contributed by the foundation. High schools and colleges all over the United States … (more) June 27, 2010

Common Standards For Certain Subjects Defined By The State Board

June 26,2010 by: admin

The National Governors’ Association of which Gov. Sonny Purdue is the co-chairman and the Council of Chief State School Officers, a few days ago, defined new set of standards for mathematics and English language arts. These standards can be adopted by various schools from any state across the nation. Thanks to these new standards of education, not only teachers and students, but also parents, employers and colleges in various part of Georgia, in addition to the other states of the United States, will be able to get the first hand knowledge of what their children should know and do in … (more) June 26, 2010