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Laid-Off Educators Get Their Jobs Back Due To Bill

August 31,2010 by: admin

The Senate has passed a $26 billion measure on Thursday which will be allocated as $16 billion for balancing the states’ Medicaid budgets and $10 billion for school districts to preclude them from firing teachers. It was less than what Education Secretary Arne Duncan has proposed, but the amounts can still provide generous benefits. Educators nationwide find this a relieving opportunity since thousands of teachers in United States have been laid off last summer. Due to low school budgets and hiking expenses, many educators and related employees were fired. The Senate has thought that a need for an emergency stimulus … (more) August 31, 2010

New Things You Should Know About Distance Learning

August 30,2010 by: admin

Today’s generation has changed much of what the world used to be. With the advent of several different technological innovations, people’s way of living has been altered which some would refer to as progress and some would be less appreciative and would just see it as mere change- not necessarily an upward change. Among the aspects that are continuously changing face in the human life is the education. Indeed a noticeable increasing number of schools and institutions providing special courses or even complete college degree programs through the virtual reality of the internet is trending nowadays. This additional form of … (more) August 30, 2010

Strickland’s Concept on Distance Learning Reviewed

August 29,2010 by: admin

A study was conducted about some good insights on the traits that create a successful distance learner.  Shawna Strickland, clinical assistant professor of the University Of Missouri Columbia School Of Health Professions made a study about the personality types and demographics of distance learners. Learning about the traits of distance learners is essential in helping academic staff to structure online courses in a beneficial way. The individual needs to be determined in studying through online courses even if the nature promotes a constant communication without seeing each other face-to-face. The success of the learning process depends on the student’s sense … (more) August 29, 2010

What’s Hot in the Business Milieu

August 28,2010 by: admin

Having an active target group in a business milieu is one important consideration that has to be taken into account especially by those who wanted to have a business career on the go. Studies would suggest that the best target audience the drama of business has to aim is the senior citizen group. Statistics projected that in 20 years 20% of the United States population would be composed of senior citizens. Adding to this fact the projected spending capability of the said population that is expected to exceed $ 1 trillion seniors really could be the best target buyers for … (more) August 28, 2010

Harvard Business School – No Plans for Asian Campuses

August 27,2010 by: admin

The new dean of Harvard Business School, Nitin Nohria talks to WSJ’s Duncan Mavin regarding 21st century globalization and the West position within the world economy. Nitin Nohria got the top spot after finishing school at the Harvard Business School last July 1. He is the first known dean born outside USA and Canada. As the new dean, he showed public gestures such as traveling around the world and making stops in some Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Mumbai and Shanghai. He has pioneered the idea of coming up with “Global Century” in the line of business and as … (more) August 27, 2010