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On Providing More Degree Online Programs

September 30,2010 by: admin

The UK influential tank has been calling more universities to provide more course materials for distance and online learning. A paper was given to the Institute for Public Policy Research or IPPR, Leo Pollack, education researcher, said that Universities in Britain should be working more on providing degree-level online programs to a more audiences. The only UK institution – Open University is the only school that offers free distance learning program modules to anyone interested. Pollack said that other universities must also follow the same offering in order to strengthen Britain’s identity as the “beacon of intellectual development”. He also … (more) September 30, 2010

Health Education Taught Through Distance Learning Methods

September 29,2010 by: admin

Distance Learning has certainly earned a slot in this era. With education being one of the largest industries in the United States, it caters to assist people who are not able to attend real campus schools or who wanted an advanced learning through the use of Information Technology. Distance has offered many courses of any field, but today, it seems that Distance Learning made way for many health care providers to learn through its ways. TRS Institute, also known as TRSi, set out an externship which will become usable by its online medical transcription graduates. This is called the TRSi … (more) September 29, 2010

What the Only Rose among the Thorns Has To Do

September 28,2010 by: admin

President Obama picked Elena Kagan to be part of the US Supreme Court. Talking about history this is just the fourth rare chance of having a woman to serve the US Supreme Court thus for women in the law, a pride was just given. It is not new that the world of Law is composed mainly of male beings. Women are rare but not extinct. And in a world where a certain group comes in minority, issues of discrimination arise. Being the only rose among the thorns must really be an uneasy task considering the facts of gender differences. One … (more) September 28, 2010

Former Prosecutor Does A Two-Man Job For Ufl

September 27,2010 by: admin

Attorney Matthew C. Couloute Jr., has been the general counsel of the United Football League since 2008. But instead of watching how the team passes, play and run, he watches potential liability issues, property in motion and marketing opportunities. This is business, the forty-year-old Connecticut former prosecutor, said. Football is an offshoot of the trade. The business model will be tried out in Hartford, Connecticut this year. The setting is where the Colonials, a latest addition to the group, will take part in their home games specifically at the field in Rentschler. The United Football League, a league with major … (more) September 27, 2010

Bees Used As Subjects for Technological Research

September 26,2010 by: admin

The world of Engineering and Science has made a breakthrough that would help Engineers build small robots and tiny flying vehicles. And the credit goes to the bees. Bees have tiny brains but they have remarkable navigation abilities because of their vision. Inspired with these tiny creatures, researchers and scientists have finally created a light-weight imaging system that imitates the field of view of a honeybee. The research which was published in Bioinspiration and Biommetics, by the IOP Publishing dated August 6. The research details how the research team has built an artificial bee eye consisting of a complete functional … (more) September 26, 2010