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Verizon foundation grants $50,000 to lesley university for expansion of online standards-based professional development for tutors

March 24,2011 by: admin

Lesley University has been granted $50,000 from Verizon Foundation for continuation of its collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This partnership will help tutors to use from Verizon to improve the student development in all the subjects. This is the fourth installment and this funding has enabled the state education department as well as the university to reach out to more teachers. This professional development opportunity will be delivered online through the department’s training portal called MassONE. There is a network of about 150 trainers who have imparted training to over 4,000 tutors throughout … (more) March 24, 2011

Proposals are on for statewide online class providers and virtual charter schools

March 22,2011 by: admin

In the wake of the new developments with regard to the elimination rules for  non-performing teachers and switching them to pay based on merit, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is now able to see other education reforms roll through the legislature as well. The one that has taken shape will now authorize the virtual charter schools in the statewide virtual education programs where the students could openly enroll in any of these programs. According to the bill (SB 1620) that was filed by Anitere Flores, R-Miami, on March 3, 2011, virtual charter schools or full-time online classes from Kindergarten to grade … (more) March 22, 2011

Online master’s degree in adult learning introduced by Walden university

March 18,2011 by: admin

Richard W. Riley from College of Education and Leadership at Walden University has now raised efforts to offer M.S. in Adult Learning Programs in a bid to increase efforts to address the growing needs of the adult students. This learning program has been created in order to meet the growing demands of educators who are equipped to design, manage, and deliver courses as well as programs for the adult students. With this new online Master’s degree educators will be better equipped to understand the various motivational aspects as well as the aspirations of the adult learners. This would also include … (more) March 18, 2011

Education reform bill passed by Illinois senate

March 16,2011 by: admin

As per the bill that has been passed by the Illinois Senate, the administrators can now dismiss striking teachers as well as teachers who perform badly and hence the situation for the teachers will get more and more difficult now. The teachers will now be rewarded for being good at their jobs too, as per the bill that was passed 59-0. State Sen. Kimberly Lightford has also stated that these negotiations are all done keeping the interests of the children in mind and whatever is good for them by the end of the day. State Sen. Matt Murphy has also … (more) March 16, 2011

Research shows that online learning needs to have a clear definition

March 14,2011 by: admin

Earning a degree these days is quite different from what it was a few years ago. The learning pattern has branched into various forms that have no clear definition. Online education has become one of the mainstream means of getting a degree. Now there are different learning patterns such as ‘mixed learning’ to ‘blended learning’ to ‘telecommuting’ and there are various levels of higher education. Sometimes students meet with in-person mentors or counselors and this is also part of their virtual classroom sessions. There are many other ways of imparting the lessons and it depends on the online resources available. … (more) March 14, 2011