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Online degrees are the order of the day and it’s time to embrace them

April 28,2011 by: admin

There was nothing like online courses when we were in college. In fact, earning an entire degree online was unheard of until recently. Even owning a PC is a very recent phenomenon, but today most of the households have at least one PC, multiple Cellphones, wireless internet connectivity etc. As the present school kids enter college, these online degree courses will be a standard feature of higher education. Internet is already being widely used to research for projects and research material for their assignments. Children are embracing technology at a very quick pace. Hence life is changing at a very … (more) April 28, 2011

Regional online school proposal rejected by knightsen school district

April 24,2011 by: admin

A proposal to do business in the Bay Area by an online charter school company in Southern California has been rejected by the Knightsen school district trustees. Small districts such as Knightsen do not have a wide selection of classes and hence Mercury Online Education had plans to open a K-12 school to offer a wider choice but the proposal was turned down after a study conducted on Mercury Online concluded that there were more questions than answers. Dorothy Walter stated that neither was their board local nor were their teachers. Hence there were a lot of questions as to … (more) April 24, 2011

Admission gaps are being bridged through distance learning centers by varsities

April 20,2011 by: admin

There are huge problems encountered by the Nigerian students each year as they are unable to get admission into any of the tertiary institutions. Despite clearing the entrance exams, around 60% of the students cannot secure an admission as there are very few tertiary institutions in the nation. There are a huge number of students who seek admissions into these institutions each year. This gets parents and students anxious every year and they will go to any length to secure their admissions. The restructuring and re-engineering of the open university education as opposed to the distance learning programs will go … (more) April 20, 2011

Career online high school program launched by smart horizons career online education, for the prison population

April 15,2011 by: admin

A new career online high school program has been launched by Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE), for the prison population around the US. This was announced by the world’s first AdvancED/SACS school district that is based in Pensacola. SHCOE’s online program offers a highly innovative and timely solution as the state seeks a correction system to bring down the recidivism rates and to reduce the costs. This program by SHCOE is cost effective and practical as it prepares inmates in various careers and occupations. SHCOE’s programs have been successful with an ever-increasing tribe of adult learners. This is due … (more) April 15, 2011

Changes with regard to online education adapted by university of Toledo

April 10,2011 by: admin

There have been many new structures that have been put up in the last five years by the University Of Toledo, Ohio. It has also partnered with ProMedica Health System and has increased its enrollments for 9 consecutive semesters. But despite this growth the University still feels the need to adapt to bring about fresh changes in order to address the huge potential threats to the university like the recent budget cut of around $20 million per year through state funding, as per the budget proposal by Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Now the University of Toledo will continue to keep … (more) April 10, 2011