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Democrasoft introduces collaborize classroom topic library into online education

July 29,2011 by: admin

Democrasoft Inc., has announced in a press release that it is going to introduce Collaborize Classroom Topic Library into its online education platform. This library would contain a huge repository of pre-formatted, individual learning units. This topic library has been created for and by teachers and it would help teachers all over to access and share individual ‘question based topics.’ This Collaborize platform is already proving to be a great hit as it has successfully been able to engage students online and help them improve their depth of learning as well as their test scores. With the help of the … (more) July 29, 2011

Web means connected learning and classroom means distance learning

July 27,2011 by: admin

There are some opponents who are lamenting about the isolation that has been caused by the web; there are the educators who feel that the web has actually managed to reconnect them with nature – a holistic approach in learning. The web has in fact helped in bringing things closer and has changed the way humans have learnt for centuries before the print media came into existence. It was the print that actually caused the isolation and brought about the distance since the last five centuries. Whether it is the tools that were made of stones or the first clothing, … (more) July 27, 2011

Scholarships awarded by Grantham university through imagine america foundation

July 25,2011 by: admin

Grantham University is perhaps one of the oldest institutions to have delivered accredited online degrees to students who are studying and working as well. This is a 60-year old institution and it has so far awarded $5,000 through scholarships to working students the world over by channelizing it through Imagine America Foundation’s Military Award Program. David Harvey from Hickory, NC, Danielle Turgeon from Rutland, VT, Adrian Skinner from Ballston Spa, NY, Martin Arredondo of Springtown, TX, as well as Jackson of El Paso, TX will each receive a grand sum of $1,000 as scholarship and that would be utilized for … (more) July 25, 2011

Nobel learning communities have posted improved third quarter results

July 23,2011 by: admin

Nobel Learning Communities is one of the biggest operators of private preschools, middle and elementary schools, and the K-12 online distance learning. They have posted their financial results for their third quarter that ended on 2nd April, 2011. There was an increase in the net income as well as earning per share which had increased by 100% during the third quarter and gone to $2.3 million or $0.22 per diluted share, while it was $1.2 million or $0.11 per diluted share during the same period of the fiscal year 2010. The revenues have grown during the third quarter by 5% … (more) July 23, 2011

How technology can be used to improve education – a matter of opinion

July 21,2011 by: admin

Matthew King from Sugar-Salem High School has received compliments from Brent Hill. Matthew king not only showed complete understanding but also had to courage to stand up to challenge the misinformation which surrounded the Education Reform Bill in the state. The write up had appeared in the newspaper (Tuesday edition) and was insightful, honest, as well as accurate. There were some who opposed the education reform bill and they had in a way managed to circulate information that was inaccurate, claiming that computers would replace teachers eventually, stated Matthew. However, he stated that this was totally untrue and it was … (more) July 21, 2011