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Online charter schools fight hard to get rid of enrollment limits, end up with fewer students

August 30,2011 by: admin

The ongoing political battle since 2011, to remove enrollment limits on online charter schools statewide, has had no effect whatsoever. Two of the state’s largest virtual public schools had reported on Tuesday that the number of enrollments have been much less than what might have been allowed if the caps had remained. Oregon Connections Academy, which is a K-through-12 online school had an enrollment cap of 2,700, but has only managed to enroll a little over 2,500 students, which is almost the same as last year, Principal Todd Miller had announced. Oregon Virtual Academy, which had grown by two grades, … (more) August 30, 2011

Huge growth in online schooling in Oklahoma

August 26,2011 by: admin

According to a Tulsa World analysis in the state of Oklahoma, it has shown that there has been an increase of almost 400% in the number of students who are doing their schoolwork via computer-based programs, since the last three years. The most recent official count of virtual students in the state for the year 2010-2011 is at 5,429. This is the combined student population of Broken Arrow, Tulsa Hale, and Jenks high schools. Damon Gardenhire, the communications director for the Oklahoma State Department of Education has stated that everyone has been trying to get their hands around to see … (more) August 26, 2011

Florida public schools see a growth in online classes

August 23,2011 by: admin

For most students who are in the public schools in Florida, summer vacations have come to a close this week. While there are around two and a half million children who are heading back to public schools, there are some of those who would be heading to take online courses. According to the law that has been passed by the Florida Legislature high school students would be now required to take at least one online course in order to graduate. Now, lawmakers in the state are moving for an expansion in the use of online education due to a number … (more) August 23, 2011

Distance learning program offered through eCademy charter schools

August 18,2011 by: admin

Recently eCademy Charter School opened its doors for its first batch of students in the Turlock Unified School District. However, this isn’t the typical K-12 school, since it has several brick and mortar classrooms as well as two mobile units that are underway at Crane. In fact, most of the high school level courses that are being offered by the school are online courses. The online distance learning program is being offered by eCademy for students who are in grades 9 through 12. Although these students are enrolled in the eCademy charter as fulltime students, they cover a major chunk … (more) August 18, 2011

Concerns over online education requirements in communities

August 14,2011 by: admin

Controversy surrounds the proposal regarding the two online courses that Idaho high school students have to take in order to graduate. Now, residents of Canyon and Ada counties have voiced their concerns regarding the same.  A public hearing was recently held in Nampa at the College of Western Idaho where Mark Browning and Tracy Bent who are representatives from the Office of the State Board of Education answered questions from anxious parents and concerned educators. As per the proposed rule which is likely to take effect during the start of 2012-2013, students would be required to take two online courses … (more) August 14, 2011