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Kent state sees a rise in distance learning

May 22,2012 by: admin

The President of Kent State University, Lester Lefton, said that each semester nearly one third of the students are enrolling for at least one online course. He said that this amounted to a significant number of students enrolling for online courses. The distance learning update was provided by Lefton to the board of trustees when they convened for a meeting last week. Every metric that was displayed by Lefton to the board showed an increase in the number of students for online education courses. During the fall of 2010, the number of online courses offered by Kent State University was … (more) May 22, 2012

Iowa house approves education reforms but with limited scope for online education

May 12,2012 by: admin

The new set of reforms that were approved by the Iowa House last Tuesday limits the number of students for online courses to only 900. In addition to this, there is a restriction of just 1 percent overall enrollment for outward open enrollment in every district. As per the stipulations of the reforms, the Iowa Department of Education has to also come up with a statewide program for online education. Representative Jeremy Taylor from Sioux City who was also an English teacher said that the new set of reforms that were given approval by the House showed a certain amount … (more) May 12, 2012