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Online education gets a boost with the new education funding proposal

November 19,2012 by: admin

The Michigan Public Education Finance Act that has been recently proposed by the state government would serve as a replacement to the 1979 School Aid Act which currently governs the funding, education and selection process in Michigan. The advisors for Snyder said that the main objective of bringing about radical changes to the current act is to create citizens who can carve out a career successfully. However, the educators in this state who have been waiting to get a sneak peek into the bill being proposed fear the worst. They opine that the implementation of the new draft bill would … (more) November 19, 2012

Power outage did not disrupt online classes for this charter school

November 08,2012 by: admin

Situated in Sparta, the Sussex County Charter School for Technology was shut down and went without power since the torrential winds and rains caused due to Superstorm Sandy caused havoc in this region. The school was left without power from Monday to late Tuesday when power was restored. However, despite this issue, this school became the first in the country to conduct online classes to ensure the 225 students who had enrolled for middle school do not fall behind schedule. The Sussex County Charter School of Technology is a public school that follows the core curriculum standards set by New … (more) November 8, 2012