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South Carolina Education Panel Recommended Increased Spending on Recruiting Teachers

December 14,2012 by: admin

The budget recommendation presented by the Education Oversight Committee includes expenditure of supplementary $1 million USD on ‘Teach for America, program. Furthermore, the committee plans to rake out $2 million USD on extensive students’ loans for potential educators, and $400,000 USD on the vigorous Teaching Fellows scholarship program. Melanie Barton, EOC Executive Director stated in this context that it is particularly a teacher focused budget that the committee is striving to achieve in association with the legislators. Significant budget cut by the state across the past few years resulted in lay-offs to thousands, which included a major portion of the … (more) December 14, 2012

An Online Education Experiment by WellesleyX

December 05,2012 by: admin

Online education has been touted to become the most preferred form of higher education since it enables a lot of students, especially the ones with monetary constraints, to complete their studies and hone their job skills. This is one of the innovations that offer students a better option as compared to attending standard classes. However, learning centers that have been the pioneers in this field have always exerted a cautious approach because many believe that it is a great mode of training students instead of educating them. Speaking about the initiative of Wellesley College in the field of online education, … (more) December 5, 2012