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National Study Reveals that Financial Support from Parents May Not Guarantee Improved Children’s College Grades

January 20,2013 by: admin

According to a research conducted by sociology professor, Laura Hamilton, University of California, higher parental financial support was associated with lower college grades across every type of 4-year educational institutions. According to Dr. Hamilton, whose latest study showed some light on the same which is certainly not large enough for the children to skip college? This is much unlike the myth that children from affluent families are expected to pursue college studies than those have a poor financial background, or children whose parents pay their college costs are more likely to become graduates. The study also reported that the tendency … (more) January 20, 2013

Free online education from leading universities

January 05,2013 by: admin

The Massive Open Online Courses are complimentary courses that are available to everyone around the world provided they have access to an internet connection and a computer. While there are free MOOCs available, a few of them carry a small fee. Coursera is one of the most popular MOOC today that is available free of charge. This company that partners with some of the leading universities across the world to offer a wide range of courses likes to use the term “social entrepreneurship company” to describe itself. Courser was founded jointly by Daphne Koller who works a Computer Science professor … (more) January 5, 2013