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Chicago Board of Education Officially Declares to Close 49 Chicago Elementary Schools

May 29,2013 by: admin

The Chicago Board of Education officially declared to close 48 elementary schools and a high school program as a protest towards Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Earlier, Chicago Teachers Union had shut down several public schools across the city and declared strike, followed by which the Mayor announced to increase the salary of teachers over three years. Furthermore, the board voted 6-0 to shut down elementary schools and high school program. The affected students will be transferred once the schools close.

States Divided On the Issue of New Teacher Entry Policy

May 14,2013 by: admin

Statistics are lending support to such a notion, which finds that all states considered measures extending from licensure-test results to GPAs, minority candidates often score weaker compared to white counterparts. The present membership of teaching community shows significant absence of diversity when one considers this against the varied background of students in the classrooms. With the implementation of new policies, this situation may aggravate further. Everybody agrees that this is a huge issue, which requires full-fledged communication with higher education system prevalent leading to opening of diverse channels for overcoming barriers and addressing issues. Experts agree that there is a … (more) May 14, 2013