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Radical Budget Cuts Leave Philadelphia Schools with No Backbone

June 25,2013 by: admin

Recently, pink slips were already sent to 19% of the school-based workforce in Philadelphia, which includes 646 teachers, 127 assistant principals and more than 1200 aides. Despite of massive call-offs and strikes from different corners of the education department, budget cuts have continued to make its impact felt in every possible manner. On the other hand, principals are expecting larger classes in September, but with no official aid to answer phone calls, coach sports, maintain order in the playground, send transcripts for the senior students applying to colleges, or check out library books. According to Lori Shorr, the chief education … (more) June 25, 2013

Obama Government to Offer High-Speed Internet in Schools across the U.S.

June 07,2013 by: admin

The President confided his intentions at Mooresville, a North Carolina middle school he visited recently. He was there to demonstrate Internet-based programs that he plans to introduce in the coming times in the field of education. He communicated to eager young students who packed the gymnasium of the school and hung on to his every word. Mr. President called upon Communications Commission for expanding existing programs to cover libraries and schools with high-speed Internet connections. Obama is confident that this initiative is going to spread better technology to at least 99% of the existing schools within the next five years. … (more) June 7, 2013