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David A. Tepper Gift of $67 Million to Carnegie Mellon University

November 21,2013 by: admin

According to a recently published report, David A. Tepper, the hedge fund billionaire has announced a donation of $67 million to Carnegie Mellon University and thus making it a total of $125 million thus Mr. Tepper has donated the university during the last ten years. This is also in trend with the trend of other American universities receiving mammoth donation amounts from their ex-students and this tremendous amount of wealth being infused in the educational system of the country is ultimately going to help higher education and research in America as never before. It is a deep pride and sense … (more) November 21, 2013

Relationship Sours between Brooklyn Diocese and King School

November 10,2013 by: admin

Brooklyn Diocese and its High School in Queens that have until now shown a united front. Now however they seem to be heading for a fall out as indicated by the lawsuit filed by the former against the latter. This seems like an interesting development for institutes, which have hitherto managed issues related to shrinking revenues and declining enrolments with such success. They had a joint front that aimed to foster parochial education. Monday however saw Diocese of Brooklyn singing a different tune when it sued King School in Queens for allegedly flouting a 1976 agreement. According to the lawsuit … (more) November 10, 2013