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U.S. Best Online Program Rankings for 2014 Revealed

January 13,2014 by: admin

According to the latest higher education statistics for the whole nation, the student profile in the US is fast changing. In the past most tended to be financially dependent, young, and full-time students, always on the lookout for support or loans. However, today things have changed quite drastically. Studies reveal that the modern students pursuing higher education throughout the nation do it on a part-time basis and tend to be older than their earlier counterparts were. Also, most of these people are working and as such I financially independent to a higher degree than before. Multitasking has emerged as the … (more) January 13, 2014

Want To Pay For College-Consider These Options

January 09,2014 by: admin

Most see paying for college as a long-term endeavor involving proper planning, substantial saving besides loans, institutional aid, and if possible FREE MONEY. In spite of such avenues, it is important to know that all options work for everybody. It depends upon specific requirements, timeframe, and situations. Those who are finding themselves in quagmire worrying about meeting the educational demands of their toddlers or money for college most times fail to utilize some obvious if little known avenues. Federal options are one such aspect that one should never fail to look into before going for the bank loans. Not only … (more) January 9, 2014