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Racial Tension Grapples Michigan University Campus

February 27,2014 by: admin

A recently published brochure from the University of Michigan, showing students belonging to different racial backgrounds sitting together in a group and interacting showcases the university’s vision of multicultural harmony. In a day long speak out program arranged in the undergraduate library last week, mostly white and Asian faculty members and students spoke about racial tensions in the university that was triggered by a party planned in November and then cancelled due to huge protest. The party was being hosted by a fraternity of mostly white and Asian members and they had invited ‘gangsters’, ‘rappers’ and ‘twerkers’ ‘back to da … (more) February 27, 2014

The First Lady Encourages Students for Federal College Aid

February 05,2014 by: admin

During her conversation with a group of high school students and their parents on Wednesday, Michelle Obama, urged them not to allow financial problems hinder or restrict college education. She was encouraging them to apply for federal student aid and “Don’t leave money on the table.” – were the phrase that she came up with while calling the parents to fill out the application forms. Mrs. Obama was speaking at T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va. At a school workshop that was organized to help aspiring students with online application forms as the last date for Free Application … (more) February 5, 2014