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Roles of Miami students and Citi executives reversed

March 25,2014 by: admin

We are all aware of the fact that business education is all about thinking out of the box and experimenting with ideas no matter how bizarre they are. In a similar case of innovative thinking, fifteen executives from Citibank and fifteen MBA and undergraduate students of the University of Miami got together. Now, an average-minded person would think that the executives mentored and guided the students on how to survive a cut-throat competition in the business world etc. However, that is simply not the case. In an unusual twist, it was the students who took the roles of the executives … (more) March 25, 2014

Innovative All – Digital English Language Curriculum

March 11,2014 by: admin

The U.S. is all set to revolutionize its classroom instruction on English language, by replacing the printed study materials and textbooks with digital print. Several companies have started taking a keen interest in bringing to the market this all- digital curriculum that can change the entire scenario of the classrooms across USA. The Obama administration has decided to incorporate this digital curriculum art by next two years through high speed internet connections to 15000 schools. Laptops and tablets are being brought for students and USA President Obama has announced 400$ commitment in companies like Adobe and Prezi that will donate … (more) March 11, 2014