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More companies would like to invest in the education sector

May 26,2014 by: admin

Companies invest at least 1.4 billion dollars a year in basic education — this includes contributions in teaching networks maintained by Governments and private entities projects that offer free education. The money goes to schools through partnerships established by school association partners and business networks. The sum of almost 11 million dollars raised by the NGO in 2014 is used in improving infrastructure and training of teachers and staff. In contrast, the directors of the schools undertake to improve the contents of teaching. According to the education state council report, the amount they intend to invest on education section could … (more) May 26, 2014

Test Preparation: An Issue That Isn’t Weeded Out Yet

May 15,2014 by: admin

Interviews conducted on students and teachers across New York City in the recent past have shown that preps are as robust as ever. This has been largely contributed by a decade of reforms in the education sector which has seen accountably-based reforms take center stage. The reforms have made it hard for the chancellor’s message to have any effect. Another reason for the continued popularity of preps is the state law that bases teacher’s performances partly on test scores which are still a factor for one to be admitted in competitive middle and high schools. Another factor that has led … (more) May 15, 2014