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Opportunities and benefits in the US pertaining education

June 26,2014 by: admin

Education is being seen as the most important tool to be used to fix one’s life all around the world. Education is the key to every door in all developments in the world. It offers healthy competition in raising the global economy. In America for example, education has reached a very high level in comparison to many other places in the world. Further than that, here and there one is bound to read or hear a statement like “we are making our education system better for our people”. There is also a big talk of making it possible for every … (more) June 26, 2014

Is Common Core the Education Standard We Need?

June 23,2014 by: admin

Controversy dots the field of Common Core, but is it a fight for education or a power struggle? There are so many questions and accusations flying around that it can be difficult to keep up, but you just have to ask the right questions. Common Core is meant to simplify education standards by unifying the curriculum of the states. This will prevent excess college courses created to ensure students are up to par, as well as improving American’s global education competitiveness. But of the 45 states which originally opted into Common Core, Oklahoma, Indiana and South Carolina have already left … (more) June 23, 2014