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Utah’s Education Standards to be reviewed; Hopes to address the ‘Common Core’ Dispute

July 21,2014 by: admin

Salt Lake City: Utah’s educational standards are to be subjected on expert and public review, announced governor Gary Herbert in a press release on Thursday. He expressed his views regarding the pertaining issues on the education system and hopes to address them including the dispute over ‘Common Core’. The announcement included his list of three believes that he considers as guidelines to reform Utah’s schools. Maintain high academic standards in all subjects, and for all students. Monitor and limit the federal government’s role in education. Preserve our state and local school district control of our education system, including curriculum, … (more) July 21, 2014

The Relationship between Arne Duncan, Education Secretary, and the National Education Association Just Got More Strained

July 17,2014 by: admin

During their annual convention, the teachers union’s delegates voted calling for Duncan’s resignation. To add on to that, the union will have a new president soon, Lily Eskelsen García, a tough talking woman known for her relentless fight against corporate school reformers. Efforts to have the minister resign have failed in previous years. “We know what is at stake, and it is why we are who we are. It is why we are fearless and why we will not be silent when people who, for their own profit and political posture, subvert words like ‘reform’ or ‘accountability,’” she said. The … (more) July 17, 2014