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Where to look for scholarship

September 25,2014 by: admin

Start of the new school year means that a lot of high school seniors will be thinking about the next steps in their lives. Decision they have to make is based on single question – should they continue education or should they start working right after high school. Unfortunately for some it’s not just about choosing whether to attend or not to attend college, there is a financial moment they should also consider. The price of education is certainly high enough and may be the reason why some graduates will have limited choice in the matter. Taking a student loan … (more) September 25, 2014

Scholarship awards may not be objective after all

September 20,2014 by: admin

Student loan or scholarship? While the first option will leave you with debt you’ll be paying off in the years to come, second option may be just the break you need. The thing is, you never know what the criteria for getting a scholarship are. Applying for one often seems as a gamble or lottery, if you win one you feel like the whole world is yours, if you don’t it feels like “better luck next time” scenario. When applying for college or university, you do at least have some clue to what your chances of acceptance are. You can … (more) September 20, 2014