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What the New Government Spending Bill Mean for Student Loans

November 26,2014 by: admin

“Cromnibus”, the popular name for the continuing resolution omnibus spending bill, is most likely to pass by the deadline this year. Many analysts believe that this bill will bring the student loans back to previous level of last year. However, there are a few things that most students may not be aware of as yet. Availing Ability to Benefit Provision Returns This is one of the most prominent changes that the passing of this bill will bring about for student loan procedures. This bill limits the ability to benefit provision to candidates enrolled in a career pathway in community colleges. … (more) November 26, 2014

US is Terribly Lagging Behind Other Countries in Higher Education

November 12,2014 by: admin

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a member of the Congress, recently made a claim that brought an unbelievable fact to the light. He says that the super power, United States that once used to hold the leading rank, stands at 12th position in the list of the countries, with 25-34 year olds individuals with college degrees. If the claim stands to be true then it gives a rise to numerous questions, related to the country’s education policies. Has industrialization overtaken the attention that the education sector of the US deserves? More importantly, has the government taken any action against this severe educational … (more) November 12, 2014