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CGOs offered with brilliant courses

April 05,2010 by: admin

From May 3, virtual courses will be effective to not just the Captains of active duty air force but also the grade officers of the same. This long distance educational course is a program of 4 levels of graduation. 

 From the squadron officer college, the distance learning operations director, captain peter stated that this virtual program offers unique opportunities guaranteeing development for the officers to widen their minds outside the military classrooms. This program is for the officers to prepare for deployments. These programs are very valuable. They are voluntary courses and generate to the nation leaders. The expansion of the program will be based on the number of candidates who enroll themselves so as to reach out to more aspirants.

Colonel Tanous said that this program helps the personnel to develop air force’s human weapon system. It brings about the best of their capabilities and brings a united front. 

There should be a lot of development personally and the activities offered should be individually effective, the airmen should reach up to all the potential that they have. And this is acknowledged by the air force for its personnel. These programs should also let the personnel take responsibilities for what they do but they should feel comfortable in them flexing out their creativity by choosing those courses that they are good at and not if they just pressurize them. 

LDP offers 4 programs online.

  1. The officer development course.
  2. Flight commander course.
  3. The expeditionary leadership course
  4. The organizational leadership course. 

These programs are offered to build the career foundation of the air force personnel. Those personnel interested in a lifelong foundation bringing a professional growth should opt for and laying down a foundation and a broad career life for the personnel can opt for the officer development course. 

Those interested in enhancing leadership from being small officers and becoming leaders with responsibilities by enhancing and learning and improving their skills can opt for flight commander course. 

Those interested in inter cultural interactivities and for decoding complexities in that context and offered special deployments can opt for expeditionary course. And to make a change in organizations, the personnel can opt for organizational leadership. 

The Captain feels this course relevant and wants the blackboard learning system to opt for this teaching. This course consists of 120 hours of contact. There are about 3 or four examinations and this course is quoted professional continuing education.

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