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Distance learning a hit among college goers who seek non-traditional paths

April 18,2012 by: admin

In the academic year 2007-2008, at least 20pc of the students who were studying for various undergraduate degrees had signed up for a distance learning course. During the same academic year, close to 4 percent students or approximately, 0.8 million students, earned their undergraduate degrees through distance learning courses.

The distance learning course is an ideal solution for students who lead a busy lifestyle. Today, there are a lesser number of students who can sign up for regular college without having to worry about a part time job. The limitations in terms of time make it difficult for these students to attend regular classes which continuing to work for their employers. Therefore, an increasing number of college going students are looking for courses that offer flexible schedules. By signing up for an online degree program, students can continue working without feeling the guilt of neglecting their studies.

Distance learning courses are also gradually gaining popularity because students who stay far away from regular colleges need not commute long distances for their regular classes. The increasing prices of fuel, coupled with the thought of being able to learn the concepts at your own pace without facing the brunt of peer pressure has also made online education a top choice.

The survey has also revealed that students could harness more opportunities when they signed up for online classes. With the increase in the number of students signing up for online classes, there are many institutes that have added many more courses to their online curriculum. Though the academic year 2007-2008 did notice an increase of 20 percent, the number of students who completed their online courses successfully fell to 4 percent from 5 percent where it stood at. Experts say that this could be attributed to the fact that many regular colleges are now offering online courses as well and bringing together the concepts of online education as well as traditional learning methods.

Richard Smith, the spokesperson for Almeda University, says that the results of the survey are not surprising since the increase in students seeking non –traditional study paths to complete their higher studies can only result in the field of online education.

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