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Distance learning has gained momentum

May 03,2011 by: admin

With the summer months come the finalization of the online classes that have been planned by the Seattle University this year. There are two undergraduate programs as well as graduate programsthat are scheduled to be taught this summer. Although this might sound like a small number, this is a huge step.

Associate Provost, Charles Lawrence stated that he found this really exciting and he personally thinks that they are able to deliver better quality education as they are equipped with better tools now. He also hopes that there will be a significant shift to use more of the online resources irrespective of whether the class meets once in a while or more often.

These four classes will mainly consist of pharmacology and managing services as the graduate courses as well as two undergraduate programs that deal with ‘race and media’ and ‘Hollywood and Censorship.’

Online resources are already being used by people like Greg Magnan, professor of marketing at Alber’s School of Business and Economics, for most of his classes. However, he plans to teach a class during this summer using technology entirely. He would be using the synchronous and asynchronous techniques to teach his course in Managing Services. This only means that students would be able to access that much of material at their leisure, however a portion of it would be video conferences that would require the entire class to log in at a particular time online in order to get to hear a live lecture.

Although this offers flexibility, this time it would be flexibility through location stated Magnan. Hence this is an ideal option for students who work and travel often and online courses are a very viable option.

The other one of the summer courses would still be meeting on a weekly basis but a major portion of the class content would be accessed online.

Patrick Murphy, Nursing professor also stated that if the one-way communication could take place outside the classroom, then it would help free up the time in class and that could be more engaging.

The pharmacology course would be taught by him this summer and he feels that there should be focused learning as the topic is so complex. Hence, the combination of online resources and class discussion seem to be the ideal combination according to him.

By developing online programs they plan to expand the student base without actually expanding on the physical infrastructure and they have high hopes for the future.

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