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Distance learning is provided to international students through washington international university

January 02,2011 by: admin

There are many adults who enter the workforce equipped with just a high school diploma or a secondary school certificate as they are unable to meet the educational expenses which are very high.  Such young adults will now have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and get an online degree through the programs that have been offered by the Washington International University where they have an internet-based distance learning program.

This program was started after the founders of Washington International University noticed that there were many hardworking people who wanted to further their careers but could not make necessary progress since they were not equipped with the resources.  With the huge advancement in technology and the widespread use of the internet they managed to design a program where adults who wished to pursue their American Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degrees could do so.  Their experience in the industry would also help in contributing to their educational credits.

Director Yil Karademir from Washington International University states that their online education programs are accessible from every corner of the world and hence international students could make use of the opportunities which they might not have otherwise.  This type of an educational setting would also benefit non-English speaking students as they would be able to earn a degree that is similar to the one they might have earned if they had to study in the United States.

Apart from being able to study at their convenience, online students will also benefit as the course material that is offered also up-to-date in its content.  The other big advantage that the students at the Washington International University will have is the course credit that they earn due to their work experience as this will help in obtaining a higher education degree at a quicker pace.

A group of businessmen and educators founded the Washington International University in the year 1994 as they believed that the time had come where the face of American education needed a change.  Washington International University has always believed that higher education must be readily available to students across the globe.  This is where they found the internet a convenient tool for education.  Here students could enroll in courses through distance learning with no requirement for residency.  They have degrees in Liberal Arts & Engineering and Business Administration.  All their degree programs are authenticated by the U.S. Government in Washington D.C.

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