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Distance learning program offered through eCademy charter schools

August 18,2011 by: admin

Recently eCademy Charter School opened its doors for its first batch of students in the Turlock Unified School District. However, this isn’t the typical K-12 school, since it has several brick and mortar classrooms as well as two mobile units that are underway at Crane. In fact, most of the high school level courses that are being offered by the school are online courses.

The online distance learning program is being offered by eCademy for students who are in grades 9 through 12. Although these students are enrolled in the eCademy charter as fulltime students, they cover a major chunk of their schoolwork via independent study. The learning software e2020 is being offered to students to help them gain an online classroom experience.

Manuel Corbarruvias who is the eCademy Charter Coordinator, has stated that e2020 is far more interactive than most of the other online programs. He added that this was not like any other online textbook where students had to read a book and then take a test. This contained actual lectures from teachers who followed state standards. In fact, students in science labs could actually see chemical reactions that were being demonstrated. It is supposed to be one of the best programs that have been seen so far.

A number of programs are offered at this new eCademy Charter School at Crane. For instance, it has the K-6 home school, 7-12 home school or independent study, as well as the 9-12 credit recovery apart from the 9-12 distance learning program. Students who are part of this study program have an opportunity to meet their teachers either in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. There are a number of classrooms at Crane and students who are part of Independent study will get to meet their teachers twice a week. Here, they will be guided in different subject areas and will also receive instruction as well as help with regard to the study materials that are to be completed at home.

Schools such as eCademy and Freedom are very useful for students who cannot thrive in bigger classrooms states Amanda Taveras who has been teaching at the Freedom Academy for the last eight years. Freedom has been officially named as eCademy Charter since this semester. Taveras has continued to remain as the one of the 9-12 independent study program teachers. There are a number of students who require individual attention and are able to focus better on their studies when they are part of a smaller group.

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