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Hands on digital learning training imparted to Wyoming teachers

March 16,2012 by: admin

Teachers will get to record the feedback in the video and also include the images of the documents that were part of the discussion, stated Simpson. The videos can be sent via email and the students can open them at their convenience. Simpson also added that they wanted the children to be with them and if that is the case, the children will have to see them often – especially while they were teaching online.

Simpson tried to play a video example and the participants in the workshop put a thumbs-down logo besides their names as the video could not be played for them. Simpson found it funny that such things were happening on Digital Learning Day and she said that although such things should not happen, that is the way it was. The online conference was being sponsored by the Wyoming Department of Education, as part of the National Digital Learning Day (sponsored by Alliance for Excellent Education).

Digital learning has been defined as a medium of instruction that effectively uses technology in order to strengthen the learning experience for students, where students can complete an assignment with the help of an iPad or by attending classes online.

Over 50 educators and other community members had already registered for this Wyoming conference that was held on Wednesday evening. The organizers of the event expected more people to join in. The National Non-profit Education Policy group had hosted the events that were broadcast online.

There were 30-minute sessions on these topics and presenters across Wyoming had volunteered to lead the sessions on various topics including the use of specific tools like cell phones and iPads, and how the online classroom sessions work etc. The organizers allowed the presenters to decide, stated Lachelle Brant who is the distance education consultant in this department.

Brant also added that they wanted to create awareness about digital learning and the way it can enhance the student learning experience in the classroom.

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