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Kent state sees a rise in distance learning

May 22,2012 by: admin

The President of Kent State University, Lester Lefton, said that each semester nearly one third of the students are enrolling for at least one online course. He said that this amounted to a significant number of students enrolling for online courses. The distance learning update was provided by Lefton to the board of trustees when they convened for a meeting last week. Every metric that was displayed by Lefton to the board showed an increase in the number of students for online education courses.

During the fall of 2010, the number of online courses offered by Kent State University was just 272. However, currently the number stands at 428. The percent of hours opted for by students has also showed a consistent increase. The percentage stood at 9 percent in the fall of 2011 and by the summer of the same year, it increased to 12 percent. Now, the figure stands at 32 percent.

Lefton said that the fact that students could learn from their own place, at the own pace without having to even change out of their pajamas, has contributed towards the increasing popularity of online courses. However, the President of the university also said that there were many other reasons for them to promote online courses.

Lefton said that the online classes offered students a higher level of flexibility in terms of attendance to students. In addition to this, there are certain traditional courses that would get filled up and students can also enroll for their course online instead of registering for an extra semester just to complete one course. He said that according to him, the key benefit of online classes was that it would help students complete their studies and get their degrees on time.

In terms of technology as well, students can interact with their professors easily and with the use of highly advanced and sophisticated teaching aids. These courses would also increase the number of opportunities for Kent State University and help them attract newer students to bring in higher profits. Lefton said that a professor who could train 20 students in a regular class can train anywhere between 200 and 2000 students online.

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