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Distance learning program offered through eCademy charter schools

August 18,2011 by: admin

Recently eCademy Charter School opened its doors for its first batch of students in the Turlock Unified School District. However, this isn’t the typical K-12 school, since it has several brick and mortar classrooms as well as two mobile units that are underway at Crane. In fact, most of the high school level courses that are being offered by the school are online courses. The online distance learning program is being offered by eCademy for students who are in grades 9 through 12. Although these students are enrolled in the eCademy charter as fulltime students, they cover a major chunk … (more) August 18, 2011

Web means connected learning and classroom means distance learning

July 27,2011 by: admin

There are some opponents who are lamenting about the isolation that has been caused by the web; there are the educators who feel that the web has actually managed to reconnect them with nature – a holistic approach in learning. The web has in fact helped in bringing things closer and has changed the way humans have learnt for centuries before the print media came into existence. It was the print that actually caused the isolation and brought about the distance since the last five centuries. Whether it is the tools that were made of stones or the first clothing, … (more) July 27, 2011

While the web is connected learning, the classroom is distance learning

June 28,2011 by: admin

While some of the opponents lament about the isolation or the distancing that is caused by the web, the educators state that the web actually helps in reconnecting us with nature which is a holistic approach to learning. In fact, the web helps in bringing us closer to the way humans had learned for centuries prior to the print disruption which had truly created isolation and distancing for five centuries. Starting from the first tools made of stones to their first clothing, humans had always augmented these skills with technologies so much so, that our entire civilizations are so structured … (more) June 28, 2011

Distance learning has gained momentum

May 03,2011 by: admin

With the summer months come the finalization of the online classes that have been planned by the Seattle University this year. There are two undergraduate programs as well as graduate programsthat are scheduled to be taught this summer. Although this might sound like a small number, this is a huge step. Associate Provost, Charles Lawrence stated that he found this really exciting and he personally thinks that they are able to deliver better quality education as they are equipped with better tools now. He also hopes that there will be a significant shift to use more of the online resources … (more) May 3, 2011

Colorado will receive grants for its distance learning program

January 26,2011 by: admin

The RUS (Rural Utilities Service) Administrator Jonathan Adelstein has announced that grants would be provided to these two areas that have been identified.  These grants would help in financing their Distance Learning Program and Telemedicine (DLT) as well as program the educational projects in Colorado in the rural areas. Adelstein has stated that there are too many communities in the rural areas across the nation that still don’t have access to the online educational programs that are of good quality.  These funds will now aid at least 5,000 students in 11 counties to avail the video conferencing technology and have … (more) January 26, 2011