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Web means connected learning and classroom means distance learning

July 27,2011 by: admin

There are some opponents who are lamenting about the isolation that has been caused by the web; there are the educators who feel that the web has actually managed to reconnect them with nature – a holistic approach in learning. The web has in fact helped in bringing things closer and has changed the way humans have learnt for centuries before the print media came into existence. It was the print that actually caused the isolation and brought about the distance since the last five centuries.

Whether it is the tools that were made of stones or the first clothing, humans have always augmented their skills with the use of technologies to such an extent that our whole civilizations are so structured that at present we live totally cocooned in these technologies, for example cars, infrastructure, clothing, homes and even the languages that we have developed over the years. These technologies have actually kept us insulated from the world of reality, thereby keeping us cooler or warmer as per our convenience. But this type of isolation can also happen with the use of languages. We may assume that language is a tool to connect, but it may also be something that creates a distance. We may use negotiation skills and avoid the use of physical combat and this may cause us to separate from one another. Hence, considering the use of technologies and the volumes we use in our daily lives, it is easy to understand the common phrase ‘what we make, makes us.’

Even with regard to education also, we can similarly state that ‘what we adopted, designed us.’ for example, studying the way adults learn – in this case college students may be considered adults with respect to the learning abilities such as point-to-experience or other real experiences like actually going out in the open to see birds rather than looking at pictures in a book. This could be one example of how learning may begin. These researchers have more than 30 years of experience and they state that people develop these perceptions over a certain period of time and these may in turn form into a more discipline-specific conception with some expert help. Students cannot experience reality as formal education tends to create a distance. Their learning does not begin in the field but happens more at a conceptual level.

This is how a classroom can be viewed as distance education and despite all the positive aspects of a classroom session it is not the real thing.

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